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Resoure Connect 2024 REACH Edmonton About Page

What is Resource Connect?

Resource Connect is a biennial event that brings together non-profit agencies and service providers in Edmonton & Area to share their programs and services. One primary purpose is to foster collaboration and networking among non-profit organizations. Agencies can build relationships and identify opportunities for joint projects or initiatives to better serve the community. The event allows the sharing of resources, best practices, innovative approaches and lessons learned. Additionally, political leaders, volunteers, and everyone in the community are invited to learn and make new connections.

Resource Connect 2024

Following the resounding success of the 2022 event, organizers are poised for the 2024 Resource Connect to surpass all previous iterations. An invitation will extend to over two hundred organizations, affording them the opportunity to showcase their services. Preparations have commenced a full 15 months in advance, and a dedicated Resource Connect Planning Committee is in formation to ensure the event unfolds seamlessly. The forthcoming event reaffirms REACH's unwavering commitment to highlighting Indigenous perspectives. It will establish a central physical platform for Indigenous practices and Indigenous-led agencies, underscoring the importance of Indigenous voices within the non-profit community

Exhibitors & Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in joining Resource Connect 2024! Our exhibitor and volunteer sign-up forms are not ready yet. Please check back again soon or e-mail for more information.

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