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Resource Connect 2022:

630 guests attended, including federal and municipal politicians.


91 agencies from various sectors participated, sharing resources around issues such as family well-being, senior support, community safety, and more.

75 agencies responded to surveys at the event, which inspired the YEG Reconnect Initiative to create practical ways for agencies to collaborate

About Resource Connect

Resource Connect is a biennial event that brings together non-profit agencies and service providers in Edmonton & Area to share their programs and services.
One primary purpose is to foster collaboration and networking among non-profit organizations. Agencies can build relationships and share resources, best
practices, innovative approaches, lessons learned, and potentially identify opportunities for joint projects or initiatives to better serve the community.

Resource Connect 2024 Committee

Thank you for your interest in helping to plan and facilitate Resource Connect 2024, a biennial event for agencies across Edmonton to network and share!

Thank you for your application!

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